Decaying Winter OP Script

Functions: God Mode, No Ability Cooldowns, Heal, Stop Virus, Norecoil, Weapon spawn & more


:Godmode – Regens You When You Take Damage. (Won’t Save You From Dynamite)
:Ungodmode — Turns Off Godmode
:Nodebuff – Blocks All Status Effects. Moral, Burning, Bleeding, Broken Limbs, Etc
:Unnodebuff – Turns Off No-Debuff
:Nocooldown – Removes All Ability Cooldowns (F Key, Assuming You Have A Perk Equipped) (Also Gives You Inf Auxiliary, Which Is The C Key)
:Cooldown – Sets Your Cooldowns Back To Normal
:AMMOTYPE NUMBER – Sets Your Stash Of AMMOTYPE To NUMBER (:Light 50) (Shells 20)
:FOODTYPE NUMBER – Sets Your Stash Of FOODTYPE To NUMBER (:Mre 20) (:Water 5) (:Beans 60) (:Cola 200)
:Heal – Heals You, And Removes Status Effects.
:Cleareffects – Clears All Status Effects And Debuffs
:Stopvirus – Halts Your Virus Progression
:Resetvirus – Resets Your Current Virus Progression (Will Not Revert Stages)
:Oneshot – Enemies You Hit Will Die After One Hit
:Unoneshot – Turns Off Oneshot
:Silentaim – Makes It So You Always Hit The Enemy Closest To Your Mouse
:Unsilentaim – Turns Off Silent Aim
:Infmag – Makes Your Mags Bottomless
:Uninfmag – Makes The Weapon You’re Currently Holding No Longer Have A Bottomless Mag
:Infreserve – Sets All Your Ammo Reserves To 900, And Keeps Them There. !!!!!!DO NOT GO OVER 1K!!!!!!
:Uninfreserve – Disables Infinite Reserve Ammo, Your Ammo Reserves Will Stay At 900 Though
:Norecoil – Stops Your Camera From Shaking
:Unnorecoil – Turns Off No Recoil
:Nofalldamage – Counters Fall Damage
:Unnofalldamage – Uncounters Fall Damage
:Superrun – Enables Super Run
:Unsuperrun – Disables Super Run
:Nohunger – Makes Your Hunger And Thirst Bar Last Indefinitely
:Unnohunger – Removes No Hunger
:Fill – Fills Your Hunger And Thirst Bar
:Autoparry – Automatically Counters All Incoming Melee Attacks
:Unautoparry – Turns Off Autoparry
:Killaura – Turns Killaura On (Kills All Enemies Within A Certain Distance)
:Killaura NUMBER – Sets The Kill Radius For Killaura To NUMBER
:Unkillaura – Turns Off Killaura
:Autokill – Automatically Kills Any Enemies That Spawn
:Unautokill – Turns Off Autokill
:Killenemies – Kills Every Enemy That’s Currently Alive
:Killenemies NUMBER – Kills Every Enemies Within NUMBER Studs Of You
:Backpack – Gives You A Backpack (Gives You 2 More Inventory Slots)
:Spawn WEAPONNAME – Gives You WEAPONNAME (Cannot Be Dropped) (Guns Require An Empty Slot)
:Weaponnames – Prints All The Available Weapon Names In The Dev Console
:Cig – Makes You Super Cool
:Uncig – Frees You Of Your Nicotine Addiction
Y Key: Throw Impact Grenade
N Key: Heal And Remove Effects
M Key: Remove Effects
L Key: Toggle Super Run
– Key: Lower Super Run Speed
+ Key: Increase Super Run Speed
Installation guide:
Copy the script from the button below.
Run any Injector (We recommend KRNL Injector)
Install it, insert the script and click execute
Enjoy it)