SPTS : Origin script – (Autofarm stats)

Functions: Autofarm stats
Default keybinds are Right CTRL for Toggle and Right Shift to set your spawn location.
Script developer: GumePlug
Installation guide:
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Run any Injector (We recommend KRNL Injector)
Install it, insert the script and click execute
Enjoy it)

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Your script:

    - RespawnInterval (default: 2) - Time in seconds between respawns (give or take .5 seconds-ish)
    - TrainingLoops (default: {}) - A list of stats to train ("FS", "PP", "MS", "JF", "BT") - quotes are important
    - JumpForceWeight (default: 0) - The weight to train with for jump force.
    - MovementWeight (default: 0) - The weight to train with for movement speed.

    - Information:
      - This script is a auto-training / auto-respawning script for SPTS: Origin.
      - It has the option to equip tools, spam jump, and train stats.
      - Auto-Respawning constantly respawns you in the same spot whilst hiding your character.

local getgenv = getfenv().getgenv -- Ignore this, this is for VSCode to stop complaining.
local getrenv = getgenv().getrenv

if not (getgenv and getrenv) then
    warn("This script is not supported on this exploit.")

getgenv().RespawnInterval = 2
getgenv().JumpForceWeight = 0
getgenv().MovementWeight = 0
getgenv().TrainingLoops = {FS}
getgenv().Keybinds = {
    Toggle = Enum.KeyCode.RightControl,
    SetSpawn = Enum.KeyCode.RightShift,