Pet Simulator X! Codes – [February 2024]

Active Pet Simulator X! Codes:At the moment there is not a single valid code How do I use / redeem codes in Pet Simulator X!? To get a reward for the code, go to the game on the left in the lower corner (almost the middle), find the Twitter icon (blue bird), insert the code […]

How To Get Tushita in Blox fruits

Step 1.  Summon Indra. (click for guide) Arrive in Castle on the sea and summon the boss rip_indra.After that, you need to go through the fountain and get into the room with the door (it needs to be broken)In the room, kill all the mobs (required) and jump to the top of the first right […]

Anti-cheat byfron or how all exploits for roblox died

On May 5, Roblox unofficially enabled the Byfron anti-cheat on the PC version of the game, which made it impossible to use exploits.Of course, there was a bypass, through the installation of the game through the microsoft store, but it also worked, only because byfron was not sewn into that version of the game and […]