Roblox codes

Del Hood Aim script – (Admin Commands)

OP script for Del Hood Aim script pastebin. Functions: Admins commands like fly & more. Works on mobile Fluxus, Hydrogen, Delta X & more


  • Admin commands

    Nyula Command, Armor Buyer Command, Food Buyer Command, Armor and Food Buyer Command, Fly Command, Inf Yeild Command and Anti-Lock Command

  • types commands with a small letter, for example !fly
  • Script developer: …

How to use Del Hood Aim script?

What is Del Hood Aim?

Del Hood AIM is a Roblox game that draws inspiration from the popular title Da Hood, with a unique twist. In this action-packed game, players are equipped with infinite ammunition, ensuring that nothing stands in their way as they engage in thrilling duels and intense combat scenarios.