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Break In 2 script – (Kill Aura, Get Food)

OP script for Break In 2 script pastebin. Functions: Kill Aura, Get Food. Works on mobile: Fluxus, Hydrogen, Delta X & more


  • Kill Aura

  • Get Food

  • Teleports

  • Script developer:  

How to use Break In 2 script ?

What is Break In 2 ?

A family lost with no help in sight,
rain, hail and thunder made an unpleasant night,
they took to the forest for shelter from harm,
but the tall trees above could not keep them calm,
they travelled along, their aching legs tired,
their hope for a rest had almost expired,
but there, in the distance! A wonderful find!
A building, abandoned, surely no one would mind?
They ventured forth, they knew what to do,
it was finally time for Break In 2.