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Desert Island Survival script – (Money Farm)

OP script for Desert Island Survival script pastebin. Functions: Money Farm. Works on mobile: Fluxus, Hydrogen, Delta X & more


  • Money Grab

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How to use Desert Island Survival script ?

What is Desert Island Survival ?

🏝️ Welcome to Desert Island Survival! ⛵ UPDATE EVERY SATURDAY!
🎮Game Tutorial:
👷‍♂️Take in more islander, Upgrade and expand the island.
🏗️ Modify buildings to make the island more prosperous.
👩‍🍳Produce food and meat so that the islanders will not go hungry.
🏡Remember to assign the islanders houses, because islanders can greatly recover energy by sleeping in the houses.
💱Trade-Building to trade goods.
🏭Make advanced tools to increase productivity.