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SHEIN x Klarna Wonderland script – (Auto Farm, Teleport)

OP script for BSHEIN x Klarna Wonderland script pastebin. Functions: Auto Farm, Teleports. Works on mobile: Fluxus, Hydrogen, Delta X & more


  • Auto Farm

  • Dungeon Farm

  • Teleports & more
  • Script developer:Β  ItzSynapze

How to use SHEIN x Klarna Wonderland script ?

What is SHEIN x Klarna Wonderland ?

✨ Welcome to SHEIN x Klarna Wonderland!✨

🎑 Spin the Wheel for exclusive free UGC and in-game rewards! 🎁
πŸ‘šCollect all the clothes to complete your SHEIN Catalogue! πŸ“š

πŸ’•Shop virtually, strut your style on the runway, and try on new SHEIN products.
πŸ’„ Dress and show off your avatar by choosing from a wide selection of SHEIN clothes!

🎟 Earn Klarna tickets and unlock exclusive SHEIN outfits for your avatar.
πŸ“Έ Gain fame by exploring different activities and level up to a higher status.
πŸ’„ Use the She-Glam makeup box to try on new products.
🀳 Visit the photo booth and show off your look