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Animal Race script – (Autofarm)

Script Functions:

  • Autofarm Stregth and Trophies

  • Script developer:

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How to use Animal Race script?

What is Animal Race?

Game: Animal Race

Roblox Animal Race is an exciting and fun multiplayer racing game within the popular online gaming platform, Roblox. In this game, players can choose from a variety of different animal avatars to use as they compete against each other in fast-paced races across various tracks.

The objective of the game is simple – be the first one to cross the finish line to win the race. Players can customize their animal avatar with different skins and outfits, allowing them to stand out from the competition. There are also power-ups scattered throughout the tracks that can give players boosts or special abilities to help them win the race.

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Script doesn't work, what am I doing wrong?​

This is absolutely normal practice. Often game developers fix vulnerabilities so that scripts stop working. Either the author of the script changed the directory of the script or deleted it completely. Anything is possible 🙂

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