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Animal Simulator script – (Kill Aura, Auto Give Coins)

Animal Simulator script


  • Auto give coins, Auto Bring all coins, Auto Give EXP for Killing NPCs & more

  • Script developer: …

How to use Animal Simulator script?

What is Animal Simulator?

"Animal Simulator" in Roblox offers a diverse and thrilling experience where players can embody a variety of animals, from majestic lions and powerful tigers to nimble rabbits and fearsome Komodo dragons. The game boasts an extensive roster, including horses, deer, gorillas, bears, rhinos, cats, huskies, dinosaurs, penguins, spiders, dragons, kangaroos, foxes, monkeys, elephants, wolves, axolotls, crocodiles, and snakes. Players can collect coins to level up quickly and unlock rare animal skins, enhancing their gaming experience. Whether you want to roleplay as your chosen animal, engage in fierce battles, or simply lounge around with a casual "do nothing at all LOL" approach, "Animal Simulator" offers something for every player. With its immersive and expansive gameplay, "Animal Simulator" in Roblox presents an engaging and entertaining experience for all animal lovers and adventure seekers. So, dive into the virtual wilderness and unleash your wild side in this captivating animal kingdom.
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5 months ago

you should make the coins faster and add inf exp level

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