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Codes Exploit – (Androird Exploit for Roblox)

Codex is a mobile exploit for roblox, one of the currently active ones. It makes it possible to use scripts on android.

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How to install and use Codex?

Installation instructions:
1) Download the .apk file from the link below (go through 1 advertising page with a push subscription).
2) Install the .apk file.
3) a pop-up window will appear in the game with the receipt of the key, for now click cancel and log in to your account.
4) restart the roblox and click get key.
5) Give code permission to all files. Now launch the game, click “copy whitelist link”. Paste it into the browser, now run the installed roblox-codex, and the system key will be passed.

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Price for Codex:

Codex is free to use, but you can buy it so you don’t have to go through the key system every time

  • 7 Day License – 5$
  • 30 Day License – 10$
  • LifeTime Day License – 25$

What is Codex?

Paving the way for the future of script execution, Codex allows you to execute any script with ease. It’s fast, stable, and powerful.

  • Reliable. Codex sets itself apart with continuous updates, adding features and fixing issues.
  • High Performance. As a leader in the industry, we guarantee that our product is the best on the market.
  • Stable. Run your favorite scripts seamlessly, without any crashes or lag.
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