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How to Awaken Fruit in Blox fruits?

Roblox: How to Awaken Fruit in Blox Fruits? Full Guide and Requirements

Fruit awakening is one of the interesting mechanics that allows you to play for your favorite fruit in a completely different way, for example, the fruit of light can now turn in flight. But many beginners have a question:
How to Awaken Fruit in Blox Fruits? in this guide, I described in detail the method of awakening

List Awaken-Able Fruits:

WIP (awakening skills and the cost of each fruit / skill)

  • Dough Fruit
  • Buddha Fruit
  • Rumble Fruit
  • Phoenix Fruit
  • Magma Fruit
  • Light Fruit
  • Ice Fruit
  • Spider Fruit

Full guide to awake:

Arrive in the second sea and go to Hot and Cold island (it is located to the left of the Green zone relative to the main spawn location in the second sea) 1 screenshot

Go inside the building, go to the monitor at the end of the room. Below are the buttons, click them and make a combination as in Screenshot 2, that is

After entering the combination. Room should open on the left (Check 3 screenshot). Climb it to the end and you will meet a Mysterious Scientist.
Interacting with him, you have a choice:
start a raid for 100.000 money or for any physical fruit (logia).
NOTE: for 100.000 money you can start a raid every 2 hours, and for a fruit at any time.
The scientist will give you a microchip, now go to the blue capsule (azure capsules for your friends / teammates). After getting into the capsule, press the button next to the capsule.
The raid begins.

In the raid, you need to survive on 5 different islands, there will be a boss on the final one.
After passing each of the islands, you are given an Air jump (initially they are taken away from you).
Move between the islands in jerks or through the ship.
The raid is difficult enough for solo play, so play with your friends.
After killing the boss, you will be teleported to the NPC Mysterious Entity. For a certain amount fragments, he will improve one of your fruit skills.

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3 months ago

Level up gat blox fruits

3 months ago

Level up gat blox fruits

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