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How to Get GodHuman in Blox Fruits?

Roblox: How to get GodHuman in Blox fruits? Full Guide and Requirements

Godhuman is one of the best but hard-to-get fighting styles in Blox fruits. Many are wondering: How to Get GodHuman in Box Fruits?.
In this guide I will tell you in detail about the method of obtaining.


  • Get into the 3 sea.
  • Mastery 400+ on Superhuman, Death Step, Sharkman Karate, Electric Claw, and Dragon Talon.
  • Have 5.000.000 money
  • Have 5.000 fragments
  • Have 20 Fish Tails, 20 Magma ores, 10 Mystic Droplets, 10 Dragon Scale

Full guide:

The starting point on the Floating Turtle in the Mansion. Go ahead to the end. At the intersection, go up the stairs to the left. Then go ahead to the lonely hut. There is a tree behind it, on the back side of the tree in the middle near the branch there is an entrance. Inside there is an Ancient Monk who, for a certain amount (specified in requirements), will teach you Godhuman fighting style

Also, here is a list of mobs from which the necessary resources fall out:

Fish Tails are a Uncommon-Material that can be dropped by:

Fishman Warrior – (Underwater City – First Sea)
Fishman Commando – (Underwater City – First Sea)
Fishman Lord – (Underwater City – First Sea)
Fishman Raider – (Floating Turtle – Third Sea)
Fishman Captain – (Floating Turtle – Third Sea)

Magma Ore is a Common-Material that can be dropped by:

Lava Pirate – (Hot and Cold – Second Sea)
Magma Ninja – (Hot and Cold – Second Sea)
Magma Admiral – (Magma Village – First Sea)
Military Spy – (Magma Village – First Sea)
Military Soldier – (Magma Village – First Sea)

Mystic Droplet is a Uncommon-Material that can be dropped by:

Sea Soldier – (Forgotten Island – Second Sea)
Water Fighter – (Forgotten Island – Second Sea)
Tide Keeper – (Forgotten Island – Second Sea)
Pirate Raid – (Castle on the sea – Third Island)

Dragon Scale is a Rare-Material that can be dropped by:

Dragon Crew Warrior – (Hydra – Third Sea)
Dragon Crew Archer – (Hydra – Third Sea)

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