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How to Get SuperHuman in Blox Fruits?

How to Get SuperHuman in Blox Fruits?

Roblox: How to get SuperHuman in Blox fruits? Full Guide and Requirements

SuperHuman is the entry level of one of the best, but difficult to obtain fighting styles in Blox fruits – Godhuman. Many are wondering: How to Get SuperHuman in Blox Fruits?. In this guide I will tell you in detail about the method of obtaining.


  • Get into a Second Sea
  • Have 3.000.000 money
  • 300 mastery on Electric, Dark Step, Water Kung Fu and Dragon Breath.

P.S. Click on any fighting style and a way to get it will open (if the page with it is ready, the word will be colored blue)

Full guide:

The starting point of our guide is the main spawn point in the second sea.
Later, fly to the green zone (we don’t need to go there, but it’s a lighthouse as such).
On the northern way you will see a snow mountain (Snow Mountain) – head there.
Fly to the right island (the one with more houses) behind the rock is the entrance to the cave with a trainer (see the screenshots below).
For the opportunity to teach you a superhuman fighting style (see requirements)

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