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How To Get Yama In Blox Fruits Roblox

Roblox: How to get Yama in Blox fruits? Yama requirements​

Roblox: How to get Yama in Blox fruits? Full Guide and Yama requirements

Step 1.

In order to get Yama, you must:
Be in 3 sea
Complete 30 Elite Hunters quests or 30 Player hunters Quests. 
You can find it in the Castle on the sea in Third Sea

Completing any of these quests regardless of Elite hunters or Player hunters give you 1 conditional unit of fulfillment of the condition for obtaining Yama.
In simple words, you can complete as an example 29 Elite hunters quests and only 1 on player hunters – you will still have the opportunity to get Yama

Player hunters issues a quest to a random player on the server – kill him and the quest will be completed

Elite hunters Spawnpoint:

– On the back of the hill near the Stone spawn location, facing away port town dock. 

– Under the hill with Dragon Crew Archers

– At Giant Islander spawn

– Near the waterfall

– Near the rocks near the docks/arena.

– In “Banana fruit” spawn.

– Near Marine Commodore’s spawn, on a sloped hill.

– Near the place with Musketeer Hat

– behind Captain Elephant’s spawn, in the plains.

– Near the Mythological Pirate

– Near forest pirate spawns

– On the hill near the Mansion

– On the “hill with a circle top” above the Fishman Captain spawns.

– Behind the Musketeer Pirates spawn location and in front of Master of Auras spawn

– On a hill located in pineapple area above the Jungle Pirates

– On the hill in front of the Longma boss room

Step 2.

After the first step is completed, go to Hydra Island. Go through the waterfall (there is a passage at the very bottom), there will be a wall in front – break it with the skills of a weapon or fruit. There will be a sword and guards inside – kill them. Go to the Yama and start clicking quickly, the Yama will react and sooner or later you will get it.

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