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Krampus Exploit – (PC Exploit for Roblox)

Krampus Exploit is one of the best exploits that actually works and works for a long time without being detected. Simple setup, use of any scripts – that’s all about it. But it’s quite expensive…

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How to install and use Krampus?

  • 1) Buy Krampus from the official developer page (button below, with 1 promotional page between them).
    Tip: if you buy via crypto transfer, the shipment may not be counted, so contact https://sellix.io/ ​​support and tell them that you actually made the payment.

  • You will receive a text document with complete instructions to your email. Go through all the steps indicated there.
  • In order to the activate key, open the dashboard link given to you (it may differ, at the moment it’s acedia). On the left, click on licenses. Select Ro-Exec, insert the key and click “claim”
  • To download, click on Home on the left, select Ro-exec, it will download.
    Tip: disable all antivirus programs, there are no malwares in Krampus
  • Move the exploit to any folder.
  • Now launch Roblox, any game, after starting the game, launch the exploit. Wait for successful completion and the window closes (a link is given there, but it will not be needed there.
    After successful launch, press the INS (INSERT) button on the keyboard – the GUI of the exploit will open.

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Price for Krampus:

  • 7 Day License – 7.98$
  • 30 Day License – 24.98$
  • 90 Day License – 49.98$
  • 365 Day License – 99.98$


you can buy using cryptocurrency, paypal or robux

What is A Krampus?

A revolutionary Roblox product that redefines the boundaries of gaming experience. In an exclusive partnership with loader.live, Krampus is meticulously crafted to deliver a hassle-free, seamless scripting journey, setting a new standard in the world of Roblox gaming.

1) Unmatched Script Performance
Experience the zenith of script execution, providing an edge in gameplay and creativity

2) Regular Updates
Our dedicated team ensures Krampus evolves continuously, maintaining compatibility and performance

3) Community-Driven
At the heart of Krampus is a vibrant community of avid gamers and developers, collaborating to create and share innovative scripts and ideas

4) Meticulous Dashboard
Conveniently manage your scripts, licenses and settings with our intuitive dashboard

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