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weird strict dad script – (INF Stamina, TP To bed room)


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How to use weird strict dad script?

What is weird strict dad?

Weird Strict Dad is a horror game that draws inspiration from the developer’s own experiences with their strict father. The game is set in a household where the protagonist’s father suddenly becomes possessed by a mysterious figure. The only way to survive the night is to avoid the grasp of the possessed father by pretending to be asleep. The game takes cues from the gameplay of Residence Massacre and Jim’s Computer, offering a thrilling and terrifying experience for players.

As the player, you must navigate the house and evade the clutches of the possessed dad as he checks on you repeatedly throughout the night. Each time he enters the room, you must quickly pretend to be asleep to avoid detection. The tension builds as you try to outmaneuver the weird and strict dad, all while uncovering the mystery behind his possession.

The game capitalizes on the fear of a parental figure turning into something sinister, creating a sense of dread and unease as the player tries to outsmart the possessed dad. With its eerie atmosphere and tension-filled gameplay, Weird Strict Dad delivers a truly chilling experience for horror game enthusiasts.

The game features a mix of stealth and strategy as players must carefully time their actions to avoid the dad’s watchful eye. The haunting visuals and eerie sound design further immerse players in the suspenseful atmosphere of the game. The unique concept of being pursued by a possessed parental figure adds a new layer of psychological horror to the gameplay.

Overall, Weird Strict Dad is a captivating horror game that offers a fresh and unsettling take on the genre. With its personal inspiration and spine-tingling gameplay, it is sure to leave players on the edge of their seats. Can you survive the night and unravel the mystery behind the weird and strict dad?

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how do you use it?

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