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Zombie Uprising script – (Auto Farm Coins)

Script Functions:

  • Fast Fire, God mode, Walk Speed

  • Script developer: 

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How to use Zombie Uprising script?

What is Zombie Uprising?

Game: Zombie Uprising

Roblox Zombie Uprising is a popular multiplayer game on the platform where players must work together to survive a zombie apocalypse. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by hordes of zombies, and players must band together to fend off attacks, scavenge for resources, and ultimately try to find a way to escape the chaos.

In Zombie Uprising, players can choose from a variety of different characters with unique abilities and skills. They can also customize their weapons and gear to better equip themselves for the challenges ahead. The game features a variety of different modes, including survival mode where players must last as long as possible against the zombies, as well as missions where players must complete specific objectives to progress.

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Script doesn't work, what am I doing wrong?​

This is absolutely normal practice. Often game developers fix vulnerabilities so that scripts stop working. Either the author of the script changed the directory of the script or deleted it completely. Anything is possible 🙂

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