Plates of Fate: Remastered script – (Dance Command)

Functions: Dance command

Script developer: bocoor
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					for i,real in pairs(game.Players.LocalPlayer.Emotes:GetChildren()) do
real.Value = true

Commands for chat:

					Conga - /e conga
Weakarm - /e weakarm
Windmill - /e windmill
Paranoia - /e paranoia
Caramelldansen - /e dansen
Clockwise Rotation - /e clockwise
Terrified - /e terrified
WRYYY! - /e wry
Backflip - /e flip
Chill Sit - /e chill
Dozin' Off - /e doze
Surrender - /e surrender
Squavot - /e Squavot
Banana Butter - /e butter
Running In Place - /e run
Ascend - /e ascend -- you could abuse this shit to stay on spider webs,avoid big spinning lava and stay on cactus
/e sit
/e clap
/e pirouette
Neck Crack - /e crack
Dynamite Shikoku - /e dynamite
T-Pose - /e tpose
/e bird
/e shrug
/e spin
/e Sit2
Whatcha looking at? - /e look
/e l
Kazotsky Kick - /e kick
/e salute
Toy Soldier - /e toy
Too Funny - idk
Jumpin' Jacks - /e jj