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Thy hood script – (get excalibur sword)

Functions: Get excalibur sword

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					local workspace = game.workspace;
local player = game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer;
local goldenTrashPile = workspace:FindFirstChild("golden trash pile");
local trashCore = goldenTrashPile.trashcore;
local promimityPrompt = trashCore.ProximityPrompt;

function getHumanoidRootPart()
   local character = player.Character or player.Character:Wait();
   return character.HumanoidRootPart;

local oldCFrame = getHumanoidRootPart().CFrame;
getHumanoidRootPart().CFrame = CFrame.new(trashCore.Position.x , trashCore.Position.y + 3 , trashCore.Position.z);
fireproximityprompt(promimityPrompt , 0);
getHumanoidRootPart().CFrame = oldCFrame;