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Anti-cheat byfron or how all exploits for roblox died

On May 5, Roblox unofficially enabled the Byfron anti-cheat on the PC version of the game, which made it impossible to use exploits.
Of course, there was a bypass, through the installation of the game through the microsoft store, but it also worked, only because byfron was not sewn into that version of the game and sooner or later this bypass will stop working. Scripts continue to work also on mobile versions of the game

ByFron Technologies is engaged in protection against exploits in the game Roblox. The company has created technological solutions to protect users from various types of exploits and hacks. This includes protection mechanisms against scripts that modify the gameplay, as well as from programs that can change or disrupt the game.
Byfron Technologies also develops tools for detecting exploits and hacks. The company uses modern machine learning methods to automatically detect suspicious activity and prevent possible attacks.
Thus, ByFron Technologies plays an important role in ensuring the security of Roblox users, providing protection against exploits and hacks. Thanks to the company’s efforts, many players can enjoy the game in a safe environment without incurring the risk of damage or damage to their devices.

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5 months ago

I want script but how

5 months ago

I want script but how

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