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BIC DrawPlanet: Go Make WOW script – (Get UGC)


  • Get free UGC

  • Script developer: …

How to use BIC DrawPlanet: Go Make WOW script?

What is BIC DrawPlanet: Go Make WOW?

🌎 Welcome to DrawPlanet! 🌎

🖌️ Your Canvas Awaits

 🌈 Create & Earn: Unleash your creativity with a palette of tools and see your drawings come to life. As you craft beautiful drawings, earn ArtCoins  to unlock items, colors, and effects. Win 6 UGC.

👥 Share & Inspire: Engage with a community of fellow artists by entering your friends' planets, sharing your creations on social, and voting on your favorite masterpieces! 

🔭 Explore & Discover: Unlock and venture through realms like the Enchanted Forest 🌳, the bustling WOW City 🏙️, the serene Cloud Kingdom ☁️, and many more. Keep an eye out for extra side-quests too!
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