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Blade Ball script – (AutoParry, Spam Parry & more)


  • Auto Parry, Spam Parry & more

  • Script developer: p1ne loader

How to use Blade Ball script?

What is Tower of Hell?

“Blade Ball” is an exciting game that challenges players’ focus, timing, and strategic thinking. As they face off against a homing ball that becomes faster over time, players must use their deflection skills to survive. But there’s more to the game than meets the eye.

Players have the opportunity to gain new abilities and upgrade them to match their unique playstyle. By mastering their skills, players can rise through the ranks and stand out with a wide range of iconic weapon skins and visually stunning finisher effects.

Whether players are aiming for the top of the leaderboard or simply want to play for fun, “Blade Ball” offers both competitive and casual gameplay options. Additionally, the game can be enjoyed on any device, including gaming consoles, computers, and mobile phones.

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