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Possessor Script – (Turtle Hub)


  • Vote Exorcise, Gamemode vote, Troll, Animation & more

  • Script developer: p1ne loader

How to use Possessor script?

What is Tower of Hell?

Someone around you is not who they seem, socialize with the people around you to determine who is real and who is possessed.

Every round one of you will be selected as the possessor, they can take over other bodies and will try to impersonate those around them. Look for clues in the way they talk to determine who you think it is, be careful as the real possessor may be who you least expect it to.

🔥 Use abilities from the shop to scare and confuse those around you
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🎵 Music is all non copyright and can be used in videos

This game is best played with friends, just remember not to reveal anything when you die! Current game is in a very early state we will act quickly on any suggestions or feedback provided.

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