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Codex Exploit – (Free IOS Exploit)

Codex is the exploit running on the iOS system. It provides the same functionality as on the android version. 

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How to install and use Codex IOS?

  1. Download Codex IOS from the official website, launch it and install.
  2. Now go to IOS Settings -> General -> VPN and Device Managent. Scroll down to the “Enterprice apps” tab. Click on Henan province and etc. Now click on trust Henan province and etc.
  3. Launch the installed roblox with arceus x, go through the key system and use scripts!

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Price for Codex IOS

  • Codex is free to use, but you can buy it so you don’t have to go through the key system every time

    7 Day License – 5$
    30 Day License – 10$
    LifeTime Day License – 25$

What is Codex IOS?

With Arceus X for iOS, Transform your experience with superior performance, now in the palm of your hand. Power and portability, no compromises.

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