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prtty much evry bordr gam evr script – (AutoFarm)

Functions: Autofarm money

Script developer: randoperson0
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					_G.enabled = true -- Enable autofarm or not

_G.autoclicker = true -- works while roblox is minimized
_G.GetAxe = true    -- leave on
_G.noclipCam = true -- idk if works or not

 _G.HideUsertag = true --Hide user above your head (Replicated to server and client)
 _G.HideHats = true --turns your hats into grey blocks and less chance of getting found hacking, maybe?

 _G.LegitMoney = true -- set how much wood until you sell it all
 _G.Sellamount = 20 -- instead of consistent money flow, set how much wood you hold until you sell it all. ONLY WORKS IF LegitMoney IS ENABLED

loadstring(game:HttpGet("https://raw.githubusercontent.com/typicalcold/roblox/main/PMEBGE", true))()
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